Importance of Sexual Health
Dr. Laurel Bartholomay

Sexual health is an important and essential element of overall health, wellness, and quality of life. The World Health Organization in fact, considers sexual health to be a basic human right, and encourages physicians to help patients achieve this. According to an international survey of 27,500 women and men (40-80 years of age), almost half of those that were sexually active had experienced at least one sexual problem. Although sexual disorders occur in women across the life span, physiologic and psychological changes associated with aging do contribute to the increased incidence of sexual disorders in postmenopausal women. Examples of other factors besides age which can be associated with sexual disorders include pain syndromes, side effects of certain medications, hormonal factors, neurologic factors and relationship problems.

Sexual health is ultimately linked to a positive quality of life and it should be considered as high a priority as many other medical issues. The Pelvic Health and Wellness Center offers a multispecialty integrated approach to pelvic health and wellness including the treatment of many sexual disorders. We offer specialists in gynecology ,urology, physical therapy and nurse practitioners who have an interest in pelvic health and wellness and we take pride in treating our patients with respect while helping them improve their sexual health.